Tuesday, June 6, 2023

It generally takes four years to bring ginseng root to harvest. The Wisconsin cultivated ginseng replicates the way wild ginseng is grown in the forest. During those four years, the farmer works to protect the precious plant from the harsh winter conditions and the strong summer light. A layer of straw is place on the planted beds to protect the plant. In the summer, shade structures are placed over the ginseng, so that the plant is grows in a forest like state. During these four years, the farmer must carefully watch for a variety of things that can ruin the plant, such as animals getting into the garden or if the weather is unusually dry or wet. There are many factors that can have an impact on the final ginseng root.
"Every ounce of ginseng grown in the state of Wisconsin is carefully and properly grown with love, by farmers that have many years of experience. Wisconsin Ginseng is the gold standard for high quality American ginseng. American Ginseng has been cultivated in Wisconsin, U.S., for more than 100 years, dating back to the 1800’s. Today, Wisconsin Ginseng farmers account for 95 percent of the total cultivated American ginseng production of the United States."
Once the root is harvested, it is placed in a cooler where it is refrigerated for 10 to 20 days. After cooling, the roots are washed and fully sorted to remove any remaining debris. After they are cooled and washed, they are placed in a specially designed ginseng dryer. They are dried for 14 days and continually monitored.

After drying, the ginseng roots are sorted by diameter into small, medium, large and extra-large roots. Then, roots in each of those categories are further graded by length. This grading procedure assists buyers in purchasing the exact type of ginseng necessary for their end products. The fibers and prongs are cut off the root in the grading process and can be sold for tea cuts, or grounded into powder for capsules.

The roots are again inspected and placed 125 pound or 57 kilogram barrels, ready for sale to ginseng buyers. Wisconsin Ginseng is sold to consumers around the world seeking its health benefits.


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